No courage to travel? Check these people out!

What is this post about?
it is about Insecurities!

You think I know what I am doing and why I am doing it? There are days in which I ask myself..hack Gabi, why are you on the road again, on  a ship, in a plane,  or walk­ing for hours?  Why are you sit­ting half a day in front of  a screen and write about your trav­els? Who cares?

Do not expect everyone to share your joy

My father

thinks I have no tar­get in live and that I am more or less home­less or wan­der­ing like one. Which I am. Both actu­ally. I do not have a home, if home were a prop­erty or a rented apart­ment. And I wan­der. That is what I do. And I like it as hell.

My grandmother

which is very dear to me, thinks I should set­tle once and for all, and get a steady job, and live in a place where I can arrange my fur­ni­ture and belong­ings nicely.

Some people

 who know what I do, tell me “are you trav­el­ing alone? sleep­ing in a tent? on the beach??? in a stranger’s home? you are mad!”. I get a lot of that. Some have this reac­tion because they care about my safety, some are afraid of theirs.

I have days in which the domes­ti­cated me tells me to stop, rent a place, look for a job, live steady.  And times in which every con­ver­sa­tion I have with myself starts with: “What’s got into you?”

I get my answer only when I reach a new des­ti­na­tion and  stay like a ant in front of a huge sea. Then I feel small and happy. And it is only then that I under­stand why I do all this.

It’s not easy, but what is?

The ‘No Way’ Checklist

Things look some­times full of haz­ards and dan­ger when you judge them sit­ting at the cof­fee table in your kitchen. And from home, you will find ten of rea­sons why not to do some­thing. But the only haz­ard is not doing what you feel is meant for you. Actu­ally you are an extremely adapt­able being and you will deal with the prob­lems as they come. You do not need to make a check­list of pos­si­ble dan­gers before.

Examples of courage, real people, real stories

1 #  a Roma­nian cou­ple trav­el­ing the world and mak­ing a liv­ing out of it (read here).

2 #  Mum spends mater­nity leave back­pack­ing around the world with her 10-week-old (read here)

3 # 72 years old back­pack­ing the world (read here)

4 # man with mus­cu­lar dis­trofy  back­pack­ing for Europe (read here)

So, still hav­ing sec­ond thoughts?

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