The beaches of Castelejo and Cordorama in the Algarve


Don’t they say “Save the best for last?”

Well in my case, after see­ing many beaches on the Mediter­ranean coast, I thought there would be lit­tle left to sur­prise me. But I was wrong. The beaches of Castelejo and Cor­do­rama from the Algarve are besides beau­ti­ful, one of the wildest I have ever seen. Here they are:

Their ver­ti­cal cliffs, their big waves and the sand like grandma’s back­ing pow­der, made me put them on the top of my list. Even get­ting to them is not easy. They play hard to get and I am glad they do. You will see no beach bars, hear no music and the total amount of sun beds can pe counted on ten fin­gers.

What you will see though are surfers, clean beaches, clean waters a lot of free and untamed nature. Swim­ming is  haz­ard in these waters, because the cur­rents are strong and your sur­vival instinct tells you not to take another step into the ocean. I havent seen any­one swim­ming. Those adven­tur­ing into the waves are the water sport fans.

The first time the sun set on Castelejo beach, it brought me to my knees. I could only watch and salute the enor­mous beauty of our planet. When the sun starts to sink into the ocean, your thoughts van­ish.

sunset in castelejo

It is a 6 km ride from Villa do Bispo through the hills of Algarve, and its steep but you’ll get there in a blink of an eye. I cycled every time to enjoy the land­scapes and feel the south breeze on my skin. You can see all 4 beaches that start from Castelejo, which is the firts, by foot. If its low tide, of course. It ‘s an hour walk on the sand to get to the last beach but you will feel like it was 10 min­utes. Castelejo is very pop­u­lar amongst surfers because of its con­stant waves.

Another way to see all the beaches is from above, hik­ing the cliffs. You can do it by car, as there is a road, not paved but acces­si­ble. Also bike or by foot works just the same. You will feel like singing Berlin’s hit “Take my breath away” for a while. Don’t worry. It would be strange if you didn’t.


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