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Hello stranger! 

I’m Gabriela

Travel blog­ger, self-pro­claimed explorer, and pho­tog­ra­pher. And this blog is about the places I have trav­eled to. I started in 2016.

I am the author of all con­tent on this blog, posts, and pho­tographs.

What is this blog about?

Authen­tic travel expe­ri­ences. Trav­el­ing alone, on low bud­get and mak­ing the best of it. Are you inter­ested how I trav­eled 8 months with 5500 euros? Than this blog might be for you.

Why do I write?

Because I think I do it pretty well 🙂 and let’s get serious….because I want to encour­age

You to seek expe­ri­ences and adven­tures over pos­ses­sions. If my posts will at least make you think to get up and travel or change your life, then my mis­sion has been suc­cess­ful. I will not stop writ­ing, but I will be happy as a clam, and I will buy myself more ice cream that day and the next.

I also write because I want to share my expe­ri­ences with you. Maybe you dream or plan to travel..I want to show you what it might be like if you do.

How did this adventure start?

With a gut feel­ing. When I knew I need to start to travel, I felt with every breath that it is the best thing for me in that moment. And it was. I have learned more in 8 months of freely explor­ing the world  than I have learned in years of dis­ci­plined liv­ing.

My first steps of inde­pen­dent trav­eler started in  March 2013, when I left my cor­po­rate job, packed my stuff, took my dog and moved from Roma­nia to Aus­tria.

I had no plan. You don’t need one either.

Getting to know me

I am born in Tran­syl­va­nia in a mixed German/Romanian/Hungarian fam­ily and  I was more of an explorer than the school- girl they wanted me to be.  I always needed fresh air, new sto­ries, new dis­cov­er­ies and my favorite things in the world were the out­doors, my dog and my grand­par­ents. I never liked to stay indoors too long, nor watch Tv, nor must do’s,  like: you have to study that,  be like that, become that…I left home and lived on my own since I was 17.

I have grad­u­ated Jour­nal­ism and worked 11 years in four dif­fer­ent jobs. All these years I have asked myself more and more often: what’s next? I don’t want to do just work for a pay­check all my life.

I like to pho­tograph, write, walk for hours, hand-craft, smile, eat, swim, ani­mals, sleep and traveling…hm, I like that a bit also. If there’s an adven­ture avail­able, I’ll go for it — and even if it ends up bad,  it will make a good story later

Traveling has thought me:

  • that hap­pi­ness looks good on you
  • hum­ble­ness
  • lis­ten­ing
  • not to judge in haste
  • to worry less
  • when you travel solo you meet so many peo­ple
  • to live in the Now
  • that expe­ri­ences grow you more than any­thing would
  • that life is sim­ple and the most impor­tant things in life are free
  • that the Uni­verse always finds a way


Countries I have visited

Aus­tria, Bul­garia, Croa­tia, Czech Repub­lic, Ger­many, Greece, Eng­land, Hun­gary, Italy, Israel, Malta, Monaco, Nether­lands, Poland, of course, my home coun­try Roma­nia, Slove­nia, Slo­va­kia, Spain, Switzer­land and the Vat­i­can City State.

Vis­its in 2016:

Italy (Siena, Flo­rence, Grosetto, Val D’Orcia, Bernan­denga, La Spezia, Tra­monti di Campiglia, Mon­terosso di Mare, Tri­este), Slove­nia (Piran, Sko­j­can, Liubl­jana, Trento), Aus­tria (Carinthia, Salzburg), Nether­lands (Ams­ter­dam), Roma­nia (Tran­syl­va­nia), Ger­many (Baden Würt­ten­berg region), Greece (Ionian Islands), Israel.

What’s in it for you?

Inspi­ra­tion! If my crazi­ness inspires you then I will take a bow and thank the Uni­verse for allow­ing me to be that.

You’ve arrived on my site, maybe because you’re look­ing for travel tips on a par­tic­u­lar des­ti­na­tion, or because you think of start­ing a life of travel and want to know how. Maybe you just want to travel all your life or just a year. Maybe you want to write a blog about it. Regard­less the rea­son

Wel­come to my blog!

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  1. Really enjoyed this blog article.Really look­ing for­ward to read more. Fan­tas­tic.

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